In February 2018, Daniel was appointed as the assistant conductor for the Windsor Symphony Orchestra in Ontario, Canada. His role with this organization includes leading the Windsor Symphony Youth Orchestra and Juinor Youth Orchestra.

Most recently, Daniel has served as a cover conductor for the Abilene Philharmonic including conducting on their education concerts. He was also the Music Director for the TAMS Youth Orchestra based in Denton, TX. Daniel has also worked with several new music ensembles including the Musicbed Music and Film Corporation.

In tandem with his conducting, Daniel is also a passionate advocate for music education. As a former public school music teacher, Daniel has worked with bands, orchestras, and choir students from Idaho, Washington, Nevada, and California and was the co-founder of a student leadership workshop En Garde. This program was designed to help highschool musicians develop essential life-long leadership skills.

Daniel holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Education from Boise State University and a Masters Degree in Orchestral Conducting. His principal conducting mentors include David Itkin and Robert Franz.

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